The Team

Purchasing Officer

Corrine Cornish

Corrine has been in the role of Purchasing Officer with Resource Furniture since early 2016 and she applied for the role because she knew a staff member who endorsed the company. Corrine lives with her partner, 18 year old son and 16 year old daughter and when she’s not spending her free time at the beach, she likes to grow a few veggies and fruits or even have a little binge watching session of Netflix. And that’s not to say she doesn’t like to get active because this particular purchasing officer is seriously into trail running – in fact, she completed four ultra-marathons in SA and Victoria in 2017. We’d say that’s pretty serious! Corrine enjoys working with the team at Resource Furniture and she loves to see pictures of our installations in libraries, schools and offices and knowing that she had a hand in making them happen.



Debbie Reed

Director, Debbie Reed, is a self-professed cooking enthusiast with too many favourite foods to list! Her competitive streak and love for Port Power means there’s always plenty of good-humoured footy banter to be heard around the office – especially around showdown time. But on a more serious note, Debbie has been with Resource Furniture as Director since 2006 and it’s her staff and clients who make her job worthwhile. And she believes that the passion of her team and their commitment to getting the job right are among the top reasons that clients love working with Resource Furniture.


Business Development Manager

Emma Gillings

Our Business Development Manager, Emma, emigrated to Australia from the UK in 2011 with her husband and two children. She’s been a fan of His Purple Highness, Prince, since way back and she loves to indulge in a bit of Tudor fiction when she can. She’s focused and determined, but she does confess to being a bit of a scatterbrain – she’s always getting into trouble at work for not cleaning the milk spout on the coffee machine! Emma has worked in business development in some form or another for the last 15 years but she was attracted to Resource Furniture because the industry was new to her and presented an exciting, new challenge. She enjoys the team culture of Resource Furniture and believes that everyone goes the extra mile to ensure clients are well looked after


Account Manager

Glenn Dey

Glenn is our ultra-organised Account Manager who’d rather explore Australia with his wife and two kids before venturing overseas. He enjoys camping with his family, especially if there’s fishing involved, and his favourite sport is cycling (he also barracks for Port Power). Glenn has been with the company since 2005 and he’s been fastidiously looking after our clients ever since! He gets satisfaction out of providing great solutions to clients and feels that, in turn, they value the responsiveness and quality of presentation that Resource Furniture delivers.


Sales Support

Grace Misso

Grace is our newest sales support team member. She started as our lovely receptionist in October 2017 and quickly developed a knack for handling customer enquiries. Apart from reading (any books about history or true crime) and shopping, Grace loves to hang out with her golden retriever, Watson. They both hate exercise, but they love to nap (out of hours, of course) and eat which makes them the perfect pair. Grace enjoys dealing with customers, suppliers and, of course, staff. And she can’t imagine why anyone else wouldn’t like working with Resource Furniture either!


Operations Manager

Jason Vorrasi

Jason is into most things IT, including PC gaming, 3D printing and even mining and trading cryptocurrency. He also follows an array of sports, including lacrosse (not your common sporting interest), the NFL (specifically, the Las Vegas Raiders) and footy (a Port Power supporter!). He reckons he’d do anything for a friend and he rarely says “no” to someone. Jason has been with Resource Furniture since early 2015 when he saw an opportunity to bring his previous experience in commercial furniture to the role of Operations Manager, a role in which he oversees the day to day running of the business and staff management. He loves the positive team environment and the freedom to have some fun doing his job, and he feels that clients enjoy the personal and consultative approach that Resource Furniture brings to the table.


Project Manager

Joel Marsh

A relative newbie to Resource Furniture, Joel started with the company in early 2018 as a Project Manager, to help deliver projects on time and budget and to the high standard of finish that’s come to be expected of Resource Furniture. Joel considers himself an energetic and driven family man and loves spending quality time with his wife and two livewire young children. He also enjoys keeping fit by running, riding or going to the gym which is offset by his love of food and cooking. Joel sits firmly in the Adelaide Crows camp and has followed them for as long as he can remember! He was attracted to the role at Resource Furniture because of the opportunity to work in an interesting industry with plenty of scope for growth.


Sales Support

Katherine Ganley

Katherine works in Sales Support and assists the sales team project quotes and customer service, and she’s been with Resource Furniture since early 2017. She brings with her over 20 years of experience working in government and the education sector, as well as overseas, and she’s relishing the opportunity to work in the corporate sector. Katherine is just as busy on the home front, with four children spanning from year 6 primary school age through to her eldest who’s studying at uni. She’s also a keen sports enthusiast who coaches calisthenics, helps coordinate the Adelaide Angels Baseball Club and is a DECD swimming instructor. We just wonder how she finds the time to fit it all in!!


Finance Administrator

Maryam Haj Abed

Maryam is our ex-fashion designer finance extraordinaire! That’s not a combination you hear about often. Our stylish Finance Administrator is also an (almost) certified yoga instructor with two beautiful young princesses (or monsters, depending on their mood). She’s always on the go and her favourite pastime is hanging out at the beach with her family – in fact, the Maldives is one of her favourite places in the world! Not only does Maryam love the people and workplace culture of Resource Furniture, but she admits to admiring the furniture fabrics when she initially came in for her interview. We suspect that’s the fashion designer in her coming out!


Senior Product Designer & Marketing

Michael Merlino

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Tel:1300 577 267

Sales Support

Natasha Lunn

Natasha, or “Tash” as she’s more commonly known around the office, is our super organised, willing-to-please Sales Support perfectionist! She has a German Shepherd fur baby called “Sabre” and a penchant for wine tasting and live music shows. Having worked in customer services in the hospitality industry previously, Tash came to work for Resource Furniture back in 2011 and has since gone from reception to logistics and on to sales. She loves the family feel of the company and the fact that everyone is willing to help each other out. She also enjoys working with clients to create spaces they love and feels that they appreciate the attention to detail and care that we put into all of our projects.


Product Designer

Reuben Shigrov

Everyday interactions with everyday objects drive Reuben’s pursuit of design – a journey to design meaningful objects that add value to everyday life without being intrusive. As a designer at Resource Furniture, Reuben’s role is to apply innovation to everything, from our products to our processes. Every part of our day to day needs to be constantly evaluated to make it the best it can be. He admires Elon Musk (perhaps not surprisingly) and he enjoys a good G&T as well as having his mates around for a BBQ. He’s also looking forward to snowboarding in Japan next year! Reuben says that furniture design has been like gravity for him, always pulling him closer, so he jumped at the opportunity to work with Resource Furniture. He loves taking a new product concept and pushing it through the entire production process until it’s ready for market. He feels clients love working with us because they see we’re always improving our services and processes to be better today than they were yesterday.


Managing Director

Scott Reed

Our Managing Director, Scott, comes from a family of five born in Pt Pirie and both his and Debbie’s strong sense of family is evident in the company ethos. He loves golf, tennis and footy, and his interests include a range of water-sports like boating, fishing and water skiing. He’s super sociable and those who know him well also know that he likes a good party. Scott, with his wife Debbie, took over the business in 2006 because they were looking for something that would give him the chance to utilise his strong relationship-building skills, while allowing Debbie to utilise her keen business acumen. He has been focused on raising the profile of Resource Furniture in the library, commercial and school spaces. Scott has enjoyed watching his team take ownership of the business, while creating a vibrant and team-focused culture that everyone can enjoy. He believes that our passion and desire to exceed expectations is what clients have come to expect and love about working with Resource Furniture.


Jan Pike

Not only is Jan bright and energetic, but she also has a great sense of humour. It’s what makes her so good at customer liaison while she’s following up new and existing clients to discuss their furniture needs. Jan likes to join in on the footy banter around the office, throwing her support behind the Crows! She also loves to read (currently she’s got ‘Fall of Giants’ by Ken Follett on the go) and catch up with friends over lunch or coffee (when she’s not enjoying the company of one or more of her five grandchildren!). Jan has been with Resource Furniture since 2016 and she loves the camaraderie and passion of the team. She believes it’s the attention to detail and the way that the team goes the extra mile to get the job done well that keeps clients coming back.

Warehouse Manager

Ross Hansford


Evana Leo

Evana is the first person you’ll see when you visit the Resource Furniture showroom. She’s our lovely receptionist and she’s been manning our front desk since September 2018.