Mobility Plus

Mobility Plus

Mobility creates truly effective work spaces with a multitude of configurations, shapes and an insurmountable ease of adjustment.
Numerous studies have shown that sitting throughout the workday is not healthy, for that reason it would be great to combine it with stand up tasks as well regular exercise for good health and reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases. It also improves our capacity for concentration and productivity.

All desks incorporate a sliding top for easy access to cabling at any time

The program consists of a combination of different solutions in height adjustment for single and double tables, offering a wide range of tops that allow you to create any desired layout.

Mobility confronts the current acoustic requirements of open office spaces with effective measures. The electric motor which adjusts the height is silent. The new sound absorbing dividers, made from polyurethane foams or latex, generate surfaces capable of reducing environmental noise.

Mobility Plus features a twin motor for each telescopic leg with height adjustment ranging from 650mm up to 1290mm high.
The Mobility also offers solutions for fixed height desks at 740mm high.

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