Bend is born with the idea of providing movement and life. It’s an elastic, modular and organic collection inspired by the meanders along rivers. Same as these meanders carve its way through the land, Bend flows through the spaces, generating different rest areas adapted to all users and fitted with all connectivity functions that society requests.

The different depth of the seats generates the organic movement that allows Bend to never be seen as a lineal and uniform piece.

The Bend program includes all necessary elements to cover a wide range of situations. Electrified satellite tables to charge any gadget, central table with flowerpot stand to integrate nature or auxiliary tables to leave the mobile phone or eat something.

Bend isn’t born for a closed use. This collection gives freedom to prescribers through an infinite capacity of personalisation, which users will notice in an intuitive and subtle way.

Bend is a collection full of poetry, fluent and with character that comes directly from nature.

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