Many chairs today have the GECA & AFRDI approval ratings.  These ratings will give you  the piece of mind that the chair  you purchase will not only be fully recyclable but perform to a set standard.


The Good Environmental Choice Label is the only environmental labelling program in Australia which indicates the environmental performance of a product from a whole of product life perspective for consumer goods. The label is awarded to products that meet voluntary environmental performance standards which have been created and assessed in conformance to international environmental labelling standards. The program is internationally recognised and growing in demand and awareness throughout different industries.

Where the GECA label has been placed on a chair you will know that the chair has been manufactured to have very little impact on the environment and will be completely recycled at the end of its life.


The Australasian Furnishing Research & Development Institute is an independent not -for- profit technical organisation providing standards, testing product certification and research for buyers and sellers of furniture.

The purpose of testing and certification is to ensure that products are not only safe, but that they will last , thus contributing to sustainability and minimising use of the earth’s resources.

Commercial products tested by Furntech include:

  • Height adjustable swivel chairs
  • Visitors’ Chairs
  • Desks and workstations
  • Monitor arms
  • Table bases
  • Filing cabinets &
  • Storage furniture

The standards cover ergonomic, strength, durability, stability, flammability and safety.  The suppliers of the chairs have formally agreed to maintain quality and to submit their products to regular auditing.

An AFRDI Level 6 certified office chair will meet most commercial needs.  Level 6 essentially signifies that a chair should be able to withstand extremely severe conditions of use, such as police stations, military installations, control rooms and use in heavy industry.

AFRDI Level 5 certified office chairs are suitable for heavy duty office industrial and similar application.

AFRDI Level 4 certified office chairs are suitable for office general keyboard and executive use.

Understanding the certification helps to make the right decision when purchasing new office chairs