Flex trap

Flex trap

Flex Trap Twist’n’Lock HT Adjustable Desk with Performance Edge

The versatile Flex Trap table is a unique learning product ideal for the classroom, library or small group settings. This desk can be used as a standalone single desk or arranged in clusters to promote group learning.

The innovative new design, superior to the outdated pin legs means no more broken pins. Twist’n’Lock™ legs come in vibrant Postura colours and are fast and easy to adjust promotes more time to study.

Add bright colours in a subtle fashion, and ultimately more life into your classroom, by picking between 4 vibrant colours for the Twist’n’Lock legs: Aqua, Jaffa, Pine Lime and Grape are a perfect match to our Postura chairs and compliment the charcoal steel frame. Alternatively you can have a black leg too, blending smoothly with the charcoal steel frame.

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Product Features

  • Sebel Performance Edge – Tamper resistant injection moulded polypropylene edge.
  • High performance castors allow a space to be reconfigured with ease.
  • Reinforced polypropylene legs (TwistnLock) deliver ultra-strength and durability.
  • Pin-less leg system means no more broken pins.
  • Patented adjustment grooves allows fast and easy adjustment.
  • Six adjustable heights (from 520mm to 760mm) increase classroom flexibility.


  • Edge: Rigid or Performance Edge.
  • Add Colour: Performance Edge is available in Black, Aqua, Jaffa, Pine Lime and Grape (including matching TwistnLock legs)
  • Coloured Legs: Sebels new height adjustable legs, TwistnLock can brighten your classroom; Pick from 5 different colours – Aqua, Jaffa, Pine Lime, Grape or Black.
  • Tabletop Laminates: While Sebel is recommending to keep the top neutral and only colour the edging you can choose from a wide range of laminates – Most popular colours are Red, Mandarin, Juicy (Green), Olive, Blue and of course white.
  • Writeable Surface also available – call customer service for details and options.