Swift – Electric Service Pod

In what is a global shift toward more engaging customer-service experiences, public libraries and education facilities are reconfiguring physical layouts and introducing flexible systems and equipment, like the Swift Service Pod, to support a more causal service model. Developed in response to this change, the Swift provides an independent service-point that easily assimilates with existing infrastructure.

Equipped with electronic control, the fully height adjustable station provides a task-space at any height. Silently adjusting in seconds, staff can transition seamlessly between sitting and standing to suit the needs of their patrons. Untethered, the Swift operates almost completely independently from existing facilities, mobility is activated easily with a single power cable. Designed to adapt to any existing space, soft curves and thoughtfully concealed technologies make for an uninterrupted user-experience.

With sustainability at the forefront of design decisions, molded EchoPanel houses the central column and neatly packages the station’s inner-workings which provides a lightweight, naturally ventilated and eco-friendly treatment. Custom clips then bring together components, giving a concise finish for an innovative design.

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