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Mobile spinners provide a compact storage unit with a small footprint.

Clear acrylic divisions offer a great visual of the collection and are suitable for CDs, DVDs and fiction book collections.

A heavy-duty turntable ensures the spinner moves freely and easily for users of all ages.



4 levels - 340W x 340D x 1290MMH

5 levels - 340W x 340D x 1600MMH


This product has a 5 year warranty.

Lead Time

6 Weeks

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity 4 levels | overall height: 1290H

  • Fiction books x 96
  • DVDs x 128
  • CDs x 192
Storage capacity 5 levels | overall height: 1600H
  • Fiction books x 120
  • DVDs x 160
  • CDs x 240