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eFit, a chair inspired by the versatility and customisation of the younger generations, the millennials and all those people opting for new and more dynamic, flexible and creative ways of working. People for whom space, flexibility and wellbeing are key, look after their health and appreciate a chair that marries design, comfort and ergonomics.
eFit has a young aesthetic, is light-hearted, yet serious and committed to ergonomics and caring for one’s health. It also prevents possible distractions due to discomfort.
To do this, eFit has a flexible and breathable backrest that uses a dynamic lumbar system to respond to the movements of the back so that by the lifting of this area, the load is taken off the upper part of the neck and back. Furthermore, it has two back heights, a self-weighing system with four locking positions and an imprint on the lumbar area designed to bring the utmost comfort to the user’s back. It takes its inspiration from geometric shapes arising from bionics and 3D technology.
The formation of the foam, the distribution of the air chambers on the inside and the thickness of the seat are all issues that have been revised in this model and have been incorporated into the rest of the company’s chairs.