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Library Consultancy and Design

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Welcome to the world of limitless possibilities for your library. Resource Furniture is here to unlock the full potential of your space; whether you are embarking on an exciting library project in a secondary school, building a brand-new space, or transforming an existing building into a captivating library, we can guide you every step of the way.

Architects, councils, schools, as well as librarians, have all entrusted us to perform library space planning. By conducting visual observations of your space, we identify opportunities for both minor and major changes that will enhance the overall consumer or student experience. Our expertise shines in prestigious new buildings where we breathe new life into spaces that are not hitting the mark. At Resource Furniture, we have dedicated substantial efforts to studying how people navigate library spaces. We have observed their movements, turns, distances travelled, and the spots where they pause. Our vast research database comprises thousands of customer observations and feedback from our current space planning service.

At Resource Furniture, we go above and beyond to transform your library into a captivating space that caters to your unique needs. To begin, we carefully assess your book collection and curate a dynamic mix of shelving, computer desks, tables, soft seating, and breakout areas. By striking the right balance of capacity for various activities, we ensure an optimal experience for library-goers. But we don’t stop there – we encourage you to think outside the box! We ask thought-provoking questions about how the space can be used, considering overlapping activities and flexible arrangements to maximise versatility.
In educational settings, we consider individual, group, and whole class learning requirements. Additionally, we have designed library spaces that double as multi-purpose areas for staff meetings, events, and  conferences. With collaborative learning in mind, we create spaces and furniture that facilitate teamwork, a vital aspect of modern education. Maker spaces, which are gaining popularity in public libraries, are also an avenue we explore.

So, what is the process?

Step 1. Assessing Your Current Library Space.

To begin the process, we spend a day onsite with you and closely observe the space, the customers, and the staff. This comprehensive assessment allows us to identify potential areas for improvement, such as enhancing accessibility to specific book collections, optimising study areas, streamlining returns, and identifying
high-traffic points.

We also:
• Meet with you to discuss out findings.
• Gather all required information such
as, book collection, on loan rates and floor plans.
• Seek valuable insights from library patrons.
• Focus on customer service, budget
and relevant regulations.
• We strive to make your library more accessible, engaging, and user-friendly so that all visitors can benefit from a
more enjoyable experience.

Step 2. Book Collection, Circulation Plan & Design Team Meeting.

Our design team will work with your book collection, placing it into our innovative Sliimform shelving system, optimising your displays and visibility throughout the library. But that is not all. We will then collaborate with you on a circulation plan, ensuring that each area of the library is carefully mapped out to your satisfaction. So, before we dive into our design layout, we collaborate with you to confirm your preferences, so we get it right from the beginning.

Step 3. 2D Space Plan & Selections.

We present you with a 2D plan that
displays the perfect arrangement of shelves and breakout furniture, accompanied by a captivating mood board that complements your space, carefully curated by our team.
Together, we review this plan, ensuring it meets your expectations before moving
onto the next step.

Step 4. 3D Visualisations & Project Package.

Experience your new library space as it comes to life through captivating 3D renders and immersive video walk-throughs.

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Library consultancy - Library Library Shelving
Library consultancy - Library Library Shelving
Library consultancy - Library Library Shelving
Library consultancy - Library Library Shelving
Library consultancy - Library Library Shelving
Library consultancy - Library Library Shelving