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Twist is a frame and leg structure designed for a contemporary aesthetic. Don’t be deceived by its light appearance though, Twist is a surprisingly robust structure. It has been designed with a unique connecting system which means efficient installation and great versatility, something which is always required in large projects.

The different Twist desk models are designed to offer the best solutions for modern collaborative offices. Operative for meeting, straight and twin desks. Spine for a traditional office space with dynamic manoeuvrability and adjoining storage modules. Gen for space optimisation and a geometric closeness in collaborative spaces. Video Conference for a meeting point with high-tech functionality.

Spine has evolved from the traditional office with its organic structure and unique aesthetic. You can reach a file next to you, it includes a cable organiser, as well as allowing you to rotate your individual desk.

GEN is the new concept for offices looking towards the future. Space optimisation, collaboration and the closeness of the user are the purposes of this product. Desks can also be connected, meaning offices have a smoother visual flow.

Due to the impact of technology on the new ways of working, Twist Video Conference offers a digital meeting point where collaborative working or training sessions can take place.