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Our Wedge Ottoman is one of our newest breakout pieces with a strong architectural personality.

It can be placed seamlessly as a cluster or singularly.

The Wedge Ottoman is the perfect seating solution for educational spaces. Its unique wedge shape and sturdy structure make it a durable and comfortable choice for classrooms, libraries, and common areas.

Its modern and minimalistic design will complement any educational setting. Its clean lines and neutral colour palette make it a versatile choice that will blend in with a variety of decor styles.

The Wedge Ottoman is also highly functional and can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used as a standalone seat for individual use, or grouped together to create a collaborative seating area. Its compact size makes it easy to fit into small spaces, making it a practical choice for crowded classrooms or busy common areas.

Its combination of style and function make it a must-have for creating a comfortable and cohesive learning environment. A valuable addition to any educational space.



1652W x 550D x 740mmH

Seat Height: 450mmH


This product has a 5 year warranty.

Lead Time

6 Weeks

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