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Riverton Library

Libraries are now, more than ever, more than just books and the newly refurbished Riverton Library in Western Australia is an outstanding example of a library space that has been thoughtfully designed to be a place of social cohesion, community engagement and inclusivity.

Multi-functional spaces transform from active programming areas, utilised for a wide range of community workshops to passive relaxing areas where you can interact with friends or groups. And then there is the ‘Studio’. A place that fosters collaboration between community and businesses through the amazing technology it has to offer.

City of Canning Mayor Paul Ng says, “It’s where innovation meets social connectedness. A place where children can play and read alongside local business owners learning how to maximise business. It’s where virtual reality sits alongside books published in 1920.”

Every successful project starts with a collaborative space plan. Resource Furniture worked closely with council to establish a thorough understanding of the project brief and design a library and community space to reflect their vision. The library shelving, furniture and colours, and finishes have been carefully chosen to create a beautifully harmonious and functional space that staff and patrons love.

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