Encounter Lutheran College

To say that we were envious that such an amazing learning centre was not available during our schooling life is an understatement!

Visiting the Encounter Lutheran College on the open day for the new resource centre named ‘The Nest’, we had the opportunity to explore and experience the adaptive and collaborative learning environment.

Working closely with the school’s principal Kelvin Grivell and librarian Sally Judd, Resource provided library shelving and furniture solutions to accommodate the space and coordinate with the finishes specified by Arkvale Architects.

The Sliimform library shelving has been utilised throughout the lower level in the Billabong, the Daintree, the Mallee and Uluru, partnered with the Fusion tables and café style chairs.

Upstairs on the Perch comprises of the softer style seating of the Hills and Valleys and the bean bag chairs along with long bench space available for small class groups.

The space is already proving to be a fantastic environment to inspire and educate the students.