Oran Park Library

Oran Park’s cultural heart has come to life, with the highly-anticipated multimillion-dollar library.

Resource Furniture worked directly with Camden Council to offer a range of flexible library shelving and custom art display units to reflect the council’s vision for the library.

Camden Council’s vision, “to be a community living room: where people of all ages, abilities and interest come for relaxation and entertainment, to experience history and culture, to play and create, to connect and communicate”.

Featuring a world of 3D printers, creative studios and interactive spaces, Camden’s Mayor Lara Symkowiak said the two-storey library caters for everyone, from toddlers to seniors.

“It offers so much more than spaces for books and educational resources, it really is a meeting space for the community.

“It is an innovative, creative space and stands as an example of how Camden is evolving, and the great spaces we are producing.”

“The library’s interior design celebrates the town’s history as a racetrack, incorporating artworks made from car and motorcycle parts and grid motifs on the carpet and walls.”

The library is designed in zones to enable different stages of learning, and includes performance spaces, interactive screens and walls, and folding doors to open the building to outside activities.

The 2500 sqm multipurpose library and community resource centre, including numerous meeting rooms and community spaces, has formed a key part of the Oran Park civic precinct.