Woodville Headspace

Headspace is a national mental health foundation who provides support to young people between the ages of 12 and 25 for problems such as depression, anxiety, bullying and body image.

Working alongside Lucy from Spacescape Interior Design, and with the contribution from a focus group organised by Headspace of local teenagers in the area, we created an environment that was functional, interesting and targeted at the specific age group.

By allowing local teenagers to be involved in the project we create a space that they gain ownership of.


This small but eye-catching fit out required furniture for four counselling rooms, a reception desk, waiting room, and administration areas with task seating.

As selected by the focus group, the Podd medium back visitors chair was used in all the counselling rooms along with the Fresco sofa, manufactured locally in South Australia, this provided flexibility to make design adjustments to suit the smaller rooms dictated by the existing footprint.

Specific requirements and the prevailing building structure dictated the design of the reception desk.  Incorporating the charcoal from the Headspace logo we were able to frame the graphics to the front of the reception desk and continue this colour throughout.


The administration areas consisted of folding tables for the multi-functional meeting space at the rear of the building, a pod of 4 workstations with desk top screens in the open plan office.

The waiting and counselling rooms called for more personality, colour and texture were incorporated using a variety of fabric, vinyl and a various seating options.